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After Celebrity Promotions' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
After Celebrity Promotions

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[16 Feb 2004|07:23pm]

JOIN after_celebrity TODAY!

After Celebrity is a small, established (been together for two years), AIM ACTIVE, and MATURE, SLASH-FRIENDLY LiveJournal community looking for new members. Possibilities are endless. Willing to replace inactive characters for strong, writers who want to play seriously. Sound fun? Drop a comment with your desired character journal and AIM screen name at ac_maintainer!



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[16 Feb 2004|07:18pm]
Current members of after_celebrity, if you've pimped us, please post a comment here with the following information so we don't "spam" anyone. Spam is not fun.

Have you pimped After Celebrity?? Let me know!

1. Names of Yahoo!/Lycos/AOL groups, LiveJournal/GreatestJournal/Blurty/Caleida communities, EZBoards, mailing lists, etc.

2. A sample of the ad you ran.

3. Date and time of the ad.
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After Celebrity Buttons! [05 Jan 2004|08:36am]
The maintainer staff here at After Celebrity has created 15 small graphic "buttons" you can use to help us advertise and promote the community to keep us growing more and more every day...just add these buttons to your character or OOC journals, your own personal websites, blogs, journals, message boards, forums, Yahoo! groups etc.! The buttons are really simple and come in a variety of different colors, as well as a couple featuring actual pictures...so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a spot somewhere to fit in a little piece of After Celebrity advertisement!

Make sure you comment in the entry above this one and let us know where you're advertising!

After Celebrity Advertisement Buttons!Collapse )

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